The establishment of an autonomous body for enquiry into grievances/complaints of citizens against police officers/officials is a very laudable step by the Government to bring about transparency and accountability in the Police Force.

    Our objective is to provide a fair, transparent, and just system of enquiry into the complaints against the Police. I am very happy to say that we find increasingly people are feeling confident in the process and are getting a relief.


    Police is an organ of state whose job is to enforce laws, to prevent and detect crime, protect property and help with emergencies. This is a huge mandate given to police officers. In discharge of this responsibility; there are chances of misuse of the powers. Hence, there arose a need of having an oversight agency and the State Police Complaint Authority was created by the State Government as part of the police reforms.
    I am pleased to be part of the Authority. Though majority of the complaints received in the Authority are filed after receiving a report from the District S.P, the few which are taken up for regular hearing point towards serious misuse of powers. I am of the view that SPCA will go a long way in helping innocent citizens of the State in protecting their civil rights and redressing their genuine grievances.




    1. SPCA has been constituted to serve people of Haryana and to remove their grievances and allegations against police officials of any rank. Certainly, things go wrong when cannons of justice are not implemented in a proper way which creates terror and grave injustice to the innocent in the hands of police.

    2. Being a part of this organization, I take this opportunity to seek cooperation of all the citizens of Haryana and reaffirm our resolve to make Haryana Police an effective and efficient organization by sorting out issues/complaints of general public to develop their faith in Police. I seek your cooperation in making State Police Complaint Authority a dedicated organization in the services of the people.

    R.C. Verma