State Police Complaint Authority is an independent entity constituted under the Haryana Police Act 2007 to hear grievances of citizens against police officials. As an oversight autonomous body, we enquire into complaints of omission and commission on the part of Police Officers/Officials. It is a significant step in bringing accountability to the Police and prevention of abuse of powers thereby strengthening faith in good governance. Besides, in the long run, it will help in identifying the systemic and other issues in the Police Force where improvement and innovation can be made.

    Authority finds its origin in the Judgment of a famous Case titled “Prakash Singh & Ors Vs Union of India & Ors.” Writ Petition (c ) 310 of 2006   wherein directions were given to the Union Government, State Governments, and Union Territories for the establishment of Police Complaints Authority at the State and District Level, as part of Police Reforms.

    As directed by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India, Haryana constituted the State Police Complaint Authority first time on 16.08.2010 with Sh. H.S Rana, IAS (Retd.) as Chairman.

    It was reconstituted on 28 February, 2019 with Sh. Ram Niwas, IAS (Retd.) as its Chairman.

    Now, a fully functional Authority has been reconstituted on 20th April 2021 with Smt. Navraj Sandhu IAS (Retd.) as Chairperson and Sh. K.K. Mishra IPS (Retd.) & Sh. R.C. Verma IAS ( Retd.) as members.